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*inside adoption center*
Slinky: Didn't think i would be coming back here
Inferno: hey just be glad Kuin asked us to come and were not bringing you back
Melody: Inferno why would you say something like that?
Inferno: cause its true?
Slinky: well he has a point melody
Melody: still it was so insensitive
Kuin: Melody its wonderful to see you here i'm so glad you don't mind helping me out
Melody: what is your request Kuin?
Kuin: well you see i heard a very powerful pokemon has been reborn and the legion wants
her melody you guys are all finished with your missions so i wanted to ask you to claim
the egg for your team
Melody: but why us Kuin i understand the mission part but why claim her for our team?
Kuin: well for one you Princess Yuki's guards second you know that pokemon quite well
Melody: i do?
Kuin: oh dear  you don't get who it is do you. dear its Froslass
Melody: FROSLASS!!!
Kuin: yes i believe she may still contain some of the temporal aura as well Melody please
retrieve the egg and don't let it out of your sight even after she hatches!!!
Melody: Kuin...but wont Miss.Yuki be mad? i mean with this kinda power Froslass should
be with Team Elements
Kuin: But you will be going after the egg and i doubt it will be easy the people who found out it was Froslass they locked her away so if you do get to her then there's no way it would be fair for her to join another team
Melody: fine but i still don't like this idea
Outside FreezeFlame ruins  
Slinky: wow the whole place is covered in ice how will we get in?!?!
Inferno: let me show ya the power only we Dragons can get kiddo HEAT WAVE
Slinky: man a dragon thats not even a dragon type but all in all your pretty cool Inferno
Inferno: dang right i am kid and never forget it
Slinky: after that performance i but Froslass thinks our awesome and she's not even hatched yet
DeathGrip: maybe so but hes still a fool *enters ruins*
Inferno: hey i am not!!! *runs in after DeathGrip*
Inside FreezeFlame ruins
Melody: theirs three paths we should make groups Sin and Wataame come with me
RedWave Virtue and Slash will be a group and Inferno DeathGrip and Slinky will be a team
RedWave: very well then
DeathGrip: i have no arguments
Sin: sounds good to me tho i would like to go with virtue
Inferno: i have a problem
Melody: yes
Inferno: *points at DeathGrip* why do i have to team up with him
DeathGrip: if you don't shut up you will learn why my name is DeathGrip
Melody: Slinky please keep those two from killing each other
Slinky: sure thing   
*with Melody Sin and Wataame*
Wataame: Melody do you even want Froslass to join our team?
Sin: yeah thats right she forced you to lose control of your dark aura Melody are you sure?
Melody: i think...i do want her on our team you see when i lost control of my Dark Aura
i kinda think...well remember dark pokemon are just being controlled by Giratina she wanted to be freed i heard her the true Froslass calling for help we were in the same vote so now
Froslass has escaped and has come back so know she can get here revenge so yes i do want her on the team
Wataame: so yeah was kinda like your soul's resonated when you lost control of yourself?
Melody: yeah
Sin: thats so cool
*the Snowrunt statue in the distance begins to glow*
whether you be friend of foe answer our questions to get to the egg
Question 1
What is the name of the origin princess?

Melody: oh that's young lady Pearl
*statue stop glowing and moves to the side*
Sin: theres a stone door
*with slash virtue and RedWave*
Slash: wow that statue just?!?!
Virtue: moved?
RedWave then lets move on
*with DeathGrip Inferno and Slinky*
Inferno: dang  a dead end
DeathGrip: idiot its a stone door not a dead end there must be a button some were that will open it
Slinky: ok you two stop it
DeathGrip: right
*with Slash Virtue and RedWave*
Virtue: no way a stone door?
Slash: hey look a button
RedWave: well what are you waiting for step on it you the only on of the three of us who can press it
Slash: i know i know *steps on button
Virtue: hey nothing happened?!?!
*with DeathGrip Inferno and Slinky*
Slinky: hey the door opened lets go
Inferno & DeathGrip: right
Inferno: wow what kinda room is this
*a Golom comes down*
Golom: if you wanna help you friends get to the egg then you have to beat me
Inferno: really? two easy right Death?
DeathGrip: right ICE PUNCH
Golom: gah what the heck take this Earthquake
Inferno: no slinky *grabs slinky and flies*
DeathGrip: *is safe because he is hovering*
Golom: no way
Inferno: grrr BLAST BURN
Golom: *faints*
Slinky: wow good job guys
*with Melody Sin and Wataame*
Melody: hey it's open now let go
*a ditto stands in the way*
Ditto: only one door remains for the three teams you made so what will you do? will you battle me? or turn back?
Melody: we will fight we promised Kuin we would get the egg and take care of it so we cant turn back now
Ditto: very well then lets see if you can beat me *takes form of Arcues*
Sin: what the heck?!?1
Wataame: how dare you use lord Arcues's form
Ditto: im sure he wont mind this is the form i take to keep bad guys away but i have to fight you as well if you can beat me you can have Froslass's egg but if you fail then i will kill you
Melody: ok guys get ready
Sin & wataame: right
Sin: pluck
Wataame: Thunder Fang
Melody: ice beam
Ditto: urk well then try to with stand this JUDGMENT
Melody: guys get outta the way
*all dodge*
Sin: that was to close
Wataame: grrr FIRE FANG
Sin: wow watt...PUNISHMENT
Melody: we must finish this *uses dark aura* i hate to do this but THUNDER BOLT
*Ditto faints and returns to normal form*
Ditto: very well then you win take the egg protect it
Melody: *uses heal pulse on Ditto* i will thanks
*all three run into chamber*
Inferno: hey did you guys do that?
Melody: yup now lets get the egg
*egg sits on a Crophish statue*
Melody: so can we really just take it?
*Statue starts glowing* of course you have earned it
Melody:...*takes egg* lets return  
Froslass is back and now is a member of the guild and Team telepathy
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